Trigger Fraud Alert #6 (February 2024)

iPhone upgrade scam 

We have been informed by Humberside Police that fraudsters are contacting victims portraying to be from well known telephone providers. The Fraudster will ask if you want to reduce your outgoing bill by half or offer you other amazing deals. Personal/financial details are then provided to the suspect to set up the new contract. Once agreed, a package arrives with an iPhone inside. The Fraudster will call back and explain they did not mean to send the iPhone and provide an address to send it back. When you contact your bank, the fraudster will have taken payments for the phone from your bank account.

If you have been a victim and lost money, call 101 and report it to Humberside Police. Visit for more information about fraud and where to get support.

Action Fraud have more information about this type of fraud on their website here:               

You can also find out more about the iPhone 14 upgrade fraud on the Cifas website here: