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Bridlington Neighbourhood Watch Group

Website: About Bridlington Neighbourhood Watch Group: A voluntary group working to reduce crime and the fear of crime in the Bridlington area. Their Pledge: To help reduce fraud and crime within the Bridlington area.

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Audit Yorkshire

Website: About Audit Yorkshire: Audit Yorkshire is an NHS internal audit, local counter fraud, local security management and advisory service provider which covers many NHS organisations in the Yorkshire area. Their Pledge: • Raise awareness to all staff of the risk of fraud in the NHS and the types of fraud that exist, what…

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Victim Support

Website: About Victim Support: Victim Support is an independent charity. We are dedicated to supporting people affected by crime and traumatic incidents in England and Wales, and we put them at the heart of our organisation. Our support and campaigns are informed and shaped by them and their experiences. We provide specialist services to…

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Neighbourhood Network

Website: About Neighbourhood Network: The Neighbourhood Network is a Registered Charity consisting of over 460 member organisations throughout the city of Hull. Our key focus is Community Safety which includes contributing towards tackling issues such as personal safety, vehicle theft, retail crime, cyber and fraud and Anti-Social Behaviour through target hardening measures, awareness campaigns,…

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