Audit Yorkshire


About Audit Yorkshire:

Audit Yorkshire is an NHS internal audit, local counter fraud, local security management and advisory service provider which covers many NHS organisations in the Yorkshire area.

Their Pledge:

• Raise awareness to all staff of the risk of fraud in the NHS and the types of fraud that exist, what to look out for and who to report concerns to
• Work with departments to minimise the risk of fraud in their areas, looking at processes which could be vulnerable to attempts of fraud
• Ensure that contact details of the counter fraud team are in the public domain to enable reporting of concerns by anyone outside of the organisation eg patients and contractors
• Share details of other fraud information to help protect individuals eg. Little Book of Big Scams, Fraud, tricks and scams guidance
• Ensure that contact details and reporting links are provided on organisation websites to direct anyone who has non NHS fraud concerns eg Action Fraud, HMRC and benefit fraud links

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