Doorstep Fraud

Some criminals tend to work face to face when committing crime, if someone knocks on your door, be alert, as they may be a rogue trader or be planning a distraction burglary.

Criminals may pose as legitimate business people selling goods or services that are faulty, unnecessary, overpriced, poor quality or non-existent.

A distraction burglar is someone that gains access to your property by distracting or tricking you before stealing items from your home.

Rogue traders however are criminals who take advantage by using high-pressure, forceful sales techniques.

Stay safe at the door by:

  • Keep doors and windows locked
  • Put the chain on before opening the door if you are suspicious or don’t recognise the individual.
  • Ask them what they want before unchaining the door and don’t let them in unless they are legitimate.
  • Ask to see their identification cards or call the company they claim to work to check there are genuine.  – don’t let them inside while you do so.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask them to leave until you have a friend or family member with you.