Trigger Fraud Alert #8 (March 2024)

Money Transfer Fraud

We have been informed by Humberside Police that fraudsters are contacting victims portraying to be from the Victim’s Bank.   The fraudster will give an urgent reason why the Victim need to transfer money, set up a new account, allow remote access, click on a link or ask for your account details.   The scammers use different variants of this Scam;  Someone is hacking your bank account, someone is setting a direct debit, unusual transactions on account.  The scam is made more believable as they know which bank you use.  The scammer will create an urgent reason why you need to move your money, give you constant reassurance you are doing the correct cause of action to protect your account – ultimately you then lose your money / savings.

If you receive a call like this from your bank, do not panic, put the telephone down and contact your bank from a trusted source.  It is ok to call your bank back to confirm they are your bank.  A safe way is to use the number on the back of your bank card or 159.   Remember it is your money, keep it safe.