Trigger Fraud Alert #5 (February 2024)

Text / WhatsApp Message – Hi Mum / Hi Dad

We have been informed by Humberside Police that Fraudsters are sending messages to victims phones claiming to be their son or daughter. The text may start Hi, mum or Hi Dad. The message claims they have changed their phone number and for you to save their new number into your contacts details. The suspect with then start communicating with you portraying to be your son or daughter. There are different variants of this scam, lost phone,  in hospital, abroad, split up with partner, phone in repair shop and many more. The end game for the fraudster is financial gain and at some point, during the messages they will ask you to pay an invoice or send them money as they need your help.

If you have been a victim and lost money, call 101 and report it to Humberside Police. You can also forward the text to 7726. Visit for more information about fraud and where to get support.

Read more about this type of fraud on the Action Fraud website: